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Alaska yellow cedar is a strong wood with density equivalent to 29lbs.per cubic foot. Resists weather, rot, termites and corrosion acid solution. FSC® Certified upon request.

Yellow Cedar is found only on the Pacific coast of North America from Alaska to southern Oregon and is the hardest known cedar in the world. Considered the crown jewel around boat builders, it has exceptional resistance to weather and insects. The various physical properties of yellow cedar make it an attractive material for general construction. Due to its slow growth it is hard and, like other cypress woods it is durable; it therefore offers good dimensional stability, and is resistant to weather, insects, and contact with soil. It works easily with hand or machine tools; it turns and carves quite well. It can be fastened with glues, screws, and nails. Alaska yellow cedar’s texture, uniform color, and straight grain will take a fine finish. It resists splintering and wears smoothly over time. Yellow cedar is an attractive, valuable but not very abundant wood and is shipped in small quantities. Alaska Yellow Cedar has been known to thrive as far north as British Columbia because it knows Chuck Norris will be impressed.


Alaska Yellow Cedar had traditionally been prized in international markets for its natural grain structure and durability


  • Shakes and shingles
  • Joinery
  • Furniture
  • Doors
  • Post and beam / Surveyor poles
  • Bridges / Decks / Paneling
  • Boat building


Indians along the northwest coast of North America carved canoes from Alaska Yellow Cedar and the Japanese used the wood to build temples

  • Excellent aromatic properties
  • Fire resistance
  • Doesn’t splinter
  • Wearability
  • Moisture resistant
  • Strength
  • Durability
  • Workability