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Untreated wood products have naturally limiting characteristics which prevent their use in many applications. Great Northern Lumber offers a full line of pressure treated services and panels, including fire retardants, and preservatives. Along with interior and exterior fire retardant wood products, we can also offer CCA, ACQ and COP-8 preservative treatment. Some of the advantages of using pressure treated plywood include reduced insurance rates, reduced material costs compared to other building materials and the beauty and warmth of natural wood.


1) Interior fire-retardant treated Plywood tested for roof sheathing, wall sheathing, plywood subfloors and other structural applications.


2) Exterior fire-retardant pressure treated plywood for exterior applications, such as siding, trim and scaffold plank. Each piece bears UL classification mark.


3) CCA (chromated copper arsenate) is pressure treatment that protects lumber and plywood from decay and termite attack. In CCA treatment, copper is the primary fungicide, chromium is a fixative which also provides ultraviolet (UV) light resistance and arsenic is a secondary fungicide and insecticide. Recognized for the greenish tint it imparts to plywood, CCA has been the most common wood preservative for decades. In the pressure treatment process, an aqueous solution of CCA is applied using a vacuum and pressure cycle, and the treated plywood is the stacked to dry. During the process, the mixture of oxides reacts to form insoluble compounds, helping with leaching problems.


4) ACQ (alkaline copper QUAT) is a non-arsenical pressure-treatment for use in residential, industrial and agricultural applications. ACQ is approved for use in salt water splash zones and has been awarded the EPA’s Presidential Breen Chemistry Award. ACQ treated wood is a copper plus quat system that provides the same level of protection to wood a CCA preservatives against decay, rot and termite attack. The main active ingredient in ACQ is copper, which has long been established as the most cost effective preservative component used in plywood preservation. Quat acts as the co-biocide in the ACQ preservative, providing additional protection from fungi and insect attack that copper alone would not control. APPLICATIONS ACQ can be used for any construction project and is particularly suited for applications such as decking, playgrounds, walkways, benches, outdoor tables and chairs, fencing, gazebos and landscaping, where long-term protection against decay and termites is a priority.


5) COP-8 is a proven fungicidal water-repellent preservative for above-ground lumber and plywood applications. Its approved by the U>S> Food and Drug Administration for contact with agricultural food products and can be used in truck beds, and refrigerated storage structures. It is also suited for above-ground exterior applications, such as playground equipment, picnic tables and decking.